The description from YouTube says it all. “This is my favorite 4min selection of a larger work by Ralph Steiner. The original was silent, and the DVD had it set to classical music. I have swapped the audio for an electronica/industrial track by 3 Liquid Hz – Little Boy.”


Another Geek Moment


By now, you can probably tell that we’re a little geeky here. So here’s your geek moment for the day:

This is a video taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory of the Sun’s 4-hour solar eruption on December 31, 2012. The video shows a bright plume of magnetic plasma erupting from the surface of the Sun.


Putting Things in Perspective


Putting things in perspective: Earth and our moon as seen by the Messenger Space Craft while orbiting Mercury.  Amazing….  The earth and moon are the two bright spots in the lower left quadrant.  


This is a great article about the newest version of the Google Algorithm (the formula they use to rank websites in search results).  It’s probably a little heavy on the techie-speak for most, but it elaborates on some of the reasoning behind our approach to Search Engine Optimization.  If you build things the right way, people will find you.  Artificial means to building search engine placement will typically hurt you in the long run.


Milestones Made!


milestonesinthemaking-websiteWe’ve recently launched the inaugural website for Milestones in the Making. This unique practice that specializes in diagnosing, teaching, coaching, and supporting cases of ADD, ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, and other social and psychological difficulties. They teach coping skills, social techniques, academic and life skills among other generally, all-around awesome services they provide for kids and their parents, as well as adults trying to live with these issues. They are near and dear to my heart. Check out the site and I have a feeling you will see why. Their content is growing daily on this site and it is an incredible resource for anyone dealing with these situations. It is packed with news, info and solutions!

Take a look >


Icon Mathmatics


icon-mathmaticsToday we heard comedians Huff & Stapes (@huffstapes on Twitter) ask designers to stop the overuse of symbol-only buttons when making online user interface designs :

Huff: “… A picture of a trash can, ok, we get it, we know what that one is. But have you seen this thing they have now on Google Docs? It’s like a “T” with a line and an “X” next to it? That’s an actual symbol on Google Docs.”

Stapes: “I mean, what is that? What does that mean?”

Huff: “I have no idea.”

Stapes: “Is that for when you need to calculate the speed of light or sound in your email????”



Dr. Melanie’s Yummy Site


Screen shot 2012-01-05 at 8.45.55 PMJust wrapped up the first incarnation of the official website for Ph.D.-serts & Cakes in Tampa, Florida.  We created the logos for them earlier in 2011.

The origin of the unique name is the owner, Melanie Judge’s hard-earned Ph.D in biomedical research, studying obesity.  She finished it just in time to leave the science field and delve into her passion – baking!  She has spent the last few years perfecting the art of creating beautiful, fun cakes, cookes, cupcakes and more.

In 2011 she started her own business and we were very happy to be a part of it!