Visualizing Neural Connectivity

Take a look at these amazing images that capture the beauty of nature! The Human Connectome Project is a project to construct a map of the complete structural and functional neural connections.

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Social Media Sharing – Photos

This is a great blog post written by Angel Pachkowski of Photography 35 (one of our clients), with some things to keep in mind when posting photos online.

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Tips for Speeding Up Wi-Fi

Here’s more great advice from our Hosting Partner, Hostdime. This time, you’ll find helpful hints for speeding up your WiFi at home or possibly even in your office.

How to Boost Your Home or Office’s Wi-Fi

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Internet Security Advice

Check out this post by our hosting company about public wi-fi and security for your Macs:

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Local Coffee Shop’s Wi-Fi

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Incredible Design Inspiration!

The description from YouTube says it all. “This is my favorite 4min selection of a larger work by Ralph Steiner. The original was silent, and the DVD had it set to classical music. I have swapped the audio for an electronica/industrial track by 3 Liquid Hz – Little Boy.”

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UF Biomedical Engineering Department Branding

We were awarded the contract to design a new unifying branding identity for the University of Florida, J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering. After doing lots of research and building a better understanding of Biomedical Engineering, we have true appreciation for the variety and technological complexity of this area of study. We have now developed their branding identity, designed their upcoming website layout and designed a series of banners for the department to use at their expo booth.

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The Whole Package

This is an envelope/folder and package of inserts we designed for the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency. Stylistically, we have extended their 2012 branding identity using some of the same themes and colors as their other pieces. For this project, we wanted to create something that they could use for their current needs, but that would also extend to their needs down the road. This helps them keep costs down and helps keeps things more efficient in their office!

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Annual Report for CRA

We are proud to have been selected to design the 2012 Annual Report for the CRA (for Financial Year 2011). It turned into a wonderful piece that we nicknamed “The White Album.” Don’t be deceived by the smooth, simple cover. Inside, this report has detail, depth and complexity!

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CRA Local Impact Card

This was a really interesting project for the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency. The idea was to create a piece that highlighted the local impact made by the CRA. At the same time, they wanted to let local vendors know how easy it is to partner with the CRA to build your business and raise your profile. So, “YOU + CRA” … Make it clear and simple!

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Fashionably Fit!

More shirts designed for Evolve Pilates & Fitness! And we’re working on the next shirts right now! Thanks to Jordan Benton for showing off the t-shirts! There’s a tank too!

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