We Fight for Net Neutrality… Again!

Today, the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality legislation passed in 2015. These regulations made it illegal for internet service providers to slow or block some content or prioritize their own platforms or services, or those of their partners. In a net neutral environment, all content is treated equally. With net neutrality repealed, we may see changes in the way we use the internet, or how we’re billed for our internet use. The following link is informative, and we encourage anyone whose businesses are web-based to learn about the potential impacts of these changes and take whatever action seems right. There is still time to call your representatives in Congress to voice your thoughts on the issue, and it is possible the matter could be taken to court.

Learn more with this CNN video about net neutrality »

If you’re located near us in North Florida, Contact Representative Ted Yoho:
DC Number: 202-225-5744.
Gainesville Office: 352-505-0838
Orange Park: 904-276-9626.
Email here: https://yoho.house.gov/contact