Welcome Back, Tia!

Last year, we hosted Tia, a student participating in the Center for Independent Living’s High School High Tech Program, which works with high school kids with a wide range of disabilities who are interested in pursuing careers in high-tech or technology-related fields. Tia was a wonderful intern. In addition to being creative and funny, she was a receptive learner and quickly picked up on the Adobe Illustrator features and functions we were teaching her. If you scroll down to the September 16, 2016 blog post, you’ll be able to see some photos of a logo Tia created during that internship!

Over the last year, Tia has furthered her skills in Adobe programs at school, and during her much-anticipated return to our office this summer, we introduced her to new concepts in InDesign and Photoshop, which she used to create a logo for a hearing loss awareness organization.

We’re over the moon to work with Tia again, and always proud to work with the High School High Tech Program.